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Social responsibility plays a very important role for our company. In our opinion, this is a mandatory and integral part of any society. After all, everybody needs support. But it is extremely important to support young and talented people. And then later - country will recognize its heroes and could be proud of them.

And we are proud that we help to develop young talent of motorsports - Timur Kuleshov. In his 2.5 years he became the champion of the National Registry of Records of Ukraine. He is the future of our country. Therefore, we are obliged to support him. That`s why he will have a website that will tell people about this little biker and will highlight his achievements and victories. We will do it.

Our love to motorsport confirms our support of the First Ukrainian Moto Academy. We are proud of our friendship with its brightest representatives: Slawomir Hilinskiy and Andrei Golovnya. The best thing we can do for them is a high quality website that will help them to reach new heights in this sport.

We also consider it our duty to help young dance group "Swallow". These are extremely talented children, who represent the art of dance in Ukraine on a high level. And they will also have a website - we will help them.

Of course, we should mention the Ukrainian federation of figure skating. These are the best skaters of the country who represent it in various international competitions. We considered it as a honor - to provide professional assistance in creating a functional site, which will be convenient and easy tool for communication between the members of the club.