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Recently very popular becomes corporate portal. This is an internal network of the company. It includes a large number of different services, including communication between employees, file sharing, schedule of working hours, etc.

The portal is closed for external visitors - as it is the inner world of the organization. But at the same time, you can invite individuals to participate in specific projects, and to monitor their progress.

Due to the corporate portal, every employee has access to inside information and is a participant of all business processes.

The portal contains information about all employees (contacts, photos, position). It's sort of a big directory that accommodates everything from company news, vacancies, phone numbers, and ending with important dates and birthdays of colleagues.

Corporate portal is an indispensable tool for any company. Using it information barriers are removed, working groups are created, the speed and quality of communication is increased.

Our company creates well-structured corporate portals. This resource will help Your company or business to get a new level in the work and achieve the best results.