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Our main photographer conducted photo-sessions for the members of the club and as a result of it she got many beautiful photos. After retouching they were changed into perfect portraits of the participants of the club. But it was only the beginning of a thorough work because we had to choose only one photo among all these photos.During the selection it was necessary to take into account many nuances, as several photos were placed on the page of the calendar, which made one photo arrangement. That is why it was important to select photos, which could be suitable to each other according to posing on the picture, position of hands, heads etc.

Each picture, that was chosen, needed to be adapted once more directly for the calendar. The task was to cut each person out of the black background in order to be able to put portraits together further. Besides, our photographer gave special attention to color correction to provide all portraits in one composition with equal color balance. This is a thorough work on each portrait so that they form beautiful arrangement on the pages of the calendar in the future.
Cutting the person out of the background
for arranging on the page.
A photo’s color correction for forming an organic composition
As the result we’ve got one of fully completed elements on the page
The final stage is not less important and thorough than previous ones. Now all selected and adapted photos had to be put together in arrangements on twelve pages of the calendar. But it is not enough only to select and place them on the pages of the calendar. Our photographer should work for a long time with Photoshop to make perfect each page of it in a common arrangement. The work with texture and shades let us create not just the pages of the calendar but twelve real masterpieces.
Sergei Savenets, Nakitel
Sergei Savenets
Olga Savenets, Nakitel
Olga Savenets

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