Personal webpages on the site contain 2 portrait photos
of each participant of the club. These photos are the result
of a huge work of our main photographer. She
conducted individual photo sessions for 54 members
of H.O.G. For this purpose we set a real photo area with
a black background and 2 studio lights. One of them had to be
directed on the model at an angle of 45℃, and the other stood aside
for light scattering to avoid sharp shades.
All the members of the club are individuals with different characters.
To develop a good result we ought to develop individual
way of treating towards each person
in order to get 2 looks: a serious one and more merry.
It took 20 hours to make a photo shooting.

1036 Photos

During a whole period of shooting about 1036 photos
were made, among of which we had to choose both for
each member of H.O.G. A whole process was held in a strong
teamwork mood with the members of the club.
The members of H.O.G together with our photographer chose variants of photos which they liked.

108 hours of Adapting

We chose a black color as the background of pictures, as it is one of the main colors of Harley-Davidson’s style and it is also one of the main colors in the process of designing the site. Therefore, it was very important to work not only with photos of people but also with the background in order to avoid all possible mistakes. One more important stage of our photographer’s work was using a color correction to avoid too sharp contrast, and so that the other pictures were in one color balance. It could took several hours to provide retouching of the photos. Consequently, our photographer spent more than 108 hours to bring all photos to perfection.
The examples of work on photos can convince you that our photographer was very responsible doing the task which was set. Photos of our company’s workers are given as examples for you to see the difference between the first variant and the adapted one. The photos are adapted in the same way as those of the members of the club, but considering moral point of view we do not represent original photos of the members of the club.
Olga Savenets, Nakitel
Olga Savenets

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