Litini team are true professionals at their craft. Our photographer discloses all the secrets of producing handmade shoes in the workshop. Observe and be surprised by all the process from leather manufacturing to final esthetic touches.

3days of shooting. More than 1000 photographs.

The first day

A photographer spent 8 hours at Litini workshop, observing the process of production. You can look through the photos on which all the stages of creating shoes are depicted. Macrophotography shows the smallest details of the process and materials. We took separate photos of tools and the workshop, where real miracle is created.

The second day

We used a white background for shooting finished products for a product overview. We also took photos of each pair of shoes using different camera angles to provide a good visibility and to stress their peculiarities. Right light effects emphasize individuality of each pair.Visual images increase the interest of visitors and the amount of comments.

The third day

Staged photography of objects on different backgrounds. Photos we got can be used in brand style guides, company’s portfolio and typography.The main goals of this photo session are object displaying and right representation of products’ peculiarities.

Olga Savenets, Nakitel
Olga Savenets

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