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ONE ROAD SCHOOL is a team of highly - qualified specialists who teach how to ride a motorbike. Besides, there is one more unique feature that makes ORS an extraordinary school, as during all the lessons you can use famous Harley-Davidson’s bikes. ®.

Our task is to create a modern design of the site and effective logo that could express the uniqueness of the school.

Harley- Davidson’s motorbikes are the embodiment of freedom, the ability of stepping over the bounds of possible, uniqueness and rebellion of the school. Creating the design, we tried to express these features and give a necessary information to a visitor in interesting and easily understood way.

Накітель - створення сайтів.
The results
Накітель - створення сайтів.

We made and adapted a short video for the site so that a visitor could recognize the site and feel biker’s spirit from the first second of using the site.


We used font with the effect of damaging in the titles and important elements that fills up general style of the site.

Paint spots!

Paint spots are also used in very important elements.

Motor park

In this paragraph we used the pictures of the motorbikes’ models which are used while training.

Live prompts

All the elements of the site, which you can use, have live prompts to make using the site more comfortable and interesting.

Mobile version

Adaptive design makes browsing the page easier and more comfortable using any devices.

Накітель - створення сайтів.
Big paragraphs

In the paragraph «Motor park» with the help of easy navigation you can switch to sub-paragraphs.

Outfit display

The school provides its students with original outfit. We draw each detail for you to pay attention to it.

Photo adaptation

Our main photographer made a lot of photos, which we used in our design. After retouching we got a necessary image.

General photo of trainers

o get a perfect and expressive photo we took 3 different photos of trainers. While mousing over one of them, the background becomes vague and dark and then first name and surname appear but for more detailed information you can look further on the page.

Trainers portraits

Our photographer made portrait photos of the trainers in different places. After retouching we got very expressive portraits.


In the paragraph «Site»we depicted a simplified map of racecourse «Chaika» with signs of the place where training takes place.


With the help of navigation a visitor can choose course and order it immediately, clicking once. Navigation on the site is in the form of live elements.

Logo, photo and other pages
Video and Photo shooting
Over 400 photos within one photo session

During this photo session our photographer made portraits of trainers of the motor school, a group photo of trainers, motorbikes and outfit.

Video shooting

During a photo shooting a photographer recorded a few videos, which were used further while making videos for the site.

And other pages as well
Gift certificates

You can also find gift certificates on a separate page.

Sergei Savenets, Nakitel
Sergei Savenets
Kristina Chaldranyan, Nakitel
Kristina Chaldranyan
Front-end Developer
Olga Savenets, Nakitel
Olga Savenets

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