Photo shoot made for Diana Sidarovich

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weeks of preparation
Any kind of photoshoot demands a thorough preparing which is important for final result on the photo. It took us 6 weeks of a careful work to create personal site of a stylist Diana Sidarovich. Every figure needed a thoroughly chosen location for expressing the style and the artistic idea.
Nakitel Накитель
big photo session
Our main photographer made 5 detailed photo sessions and adjusted all the photos for accurate expressing of the style and magic of the look, created by the stylist. The process was rich and creative and it was necessary to change the locations. The main purpose of these photo sessions is to express different styles of cloths, combining with the most suitable accessories.Thanks for joint efforts of a photographer and a stylist, LOOKBOOK was created, in which we can see stylish and delicate looks for everyday life and for special occasions.
Nakitel Накитель
kinds of photo shooting
We took photos of models for women’s and men’s looks of different styles.With the help of photos, we showed the meeting with a client, organizing consult regarding to the style and analyzing the appearance and type of figure.The last kind of photo shooting was taking photos of objects, parts of cloths and gift certificates. diplomas , colored cards and a passport.
Olga Savenets, Nakitel
Olga Savenets

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