Back-end development

Back-end development - such kind of work, that users can’t see, but still it is very important.Because a future functionality of a website are directly connected with it. Simultaneously, flawless website processing depends from management system which been used as framework.

In the case, when we use integration with CMS, it’s mean that we change default layout with our own, created by designers. In this way we will receive ready to use website with full functionality and unique design. But integration with CMS is the only one of many steps in back-end developing.

First of all, its main role is to solve difficult technical tasks, that must be implemented on website. Functionality and capability of a website will depends from its business-logic that client want to execute with it.

Website programming process is very difficult. It includes modules and components development, script writing to realize needed functionality for a specific website.

In other words, if it is impossible to realize something using standard capabilities of CMS, call the back-end developer.

Our team of developers are the professionals. They operate perfectly with their mathematical knowledge in PHP-programming. Same time, they using up-to-date technologies in web-resources developing. Their part of work need to be done perfectly and in exact frames.