Front-end development

Front-end development - is a very important part in web site creation process, because in this way we can apply prepared graphical layout for web-design using HTLM and CSS coding. Front-end development will be the next step after designing and prototyping.

This process consists of two main components:

  • Logical marking - HTML coding, which contains elements of following layout.
  • Figuration marking - setting created earlier HTML objects.

Responsiveness, loading speed, appearance - all this connected deeply with quality of front-end development.

Nowadays, access to web site can be done by using different devices,such as tablets, smartphone and we use them more often that our computers. So this is the reason why we use adaptive front-end development. Any loaded page will be resized and adopted for your device and users can comfortably scout through it.

Our developers don’t underestimates importance of their role in web site creation, so that it is not just a question of quality but of passion.