Integration means connection between unique layout of website and standard system that will manage it.

We use «1C - Bitrix: Site management» as such standard system. This is one of the leading pre-paid CMS. With this solution from «1C» you can easily manage personal websites, online shops, informational portals, social networks and others. More than 100 000 project already launched and operates based on this system.

We would like to admit, that «1C - Bitrix» allows to use several templates, for example : one for desktop computer, other for mobile device or tablet. You can’t disagree, that it is very comfortable.

There are some reasons why we choose «1C - Bitrix» :

  • First of all, it has many useful and cozy tools for site management.
  • Next, content adding is very simple and user-friendly.

And the last, we don’t need to worry about its quality.

We choose «1C - Bitrix» for one more reason - you won’t find any advertisement or links on a undesirable resources, that was developed on this CMS unlike free solutions. Our clients won’t found any copies of their websites design. Even if they try to.