Prototyping - is a very important step in software development cycle.

It is creation of outline or draft for a future website or application. It takes a little time and resources.

Prototype - is the schematic representation of website and it’s idea for future functionality, to be shown to a client. He can realize what kind of pages and tools website will have but nearly can imagine design of pages. That’s because prototype does not contain images and color schemes, that will be applied in a final version of website or application.

Main characteristic of prototype are :

  • Short terms of execution
  • Just a schematic representation of a future product and it’s idea
  • Low cost of reworking and reformatting
  • Focus on main elements of a future product.

Main goal of prototyping - to give a client full insight of his future website with help of schemes and outlines. We have wide experience with this task and we know exactly what needs to be done.