Quality Assurance

When the website are done we need to test it.

To check its efficiency and make a bugs testing. First of all, we need to analyze - did we meet the requirements for website that was stated by our client. Moreover, finished website must be debugged and work properly.

There are the following types of quality assurance:

  • Testing on displays with different resolution
  • Loading speed check for all pages of website with stable network connection
  • Testing website’s ability to run under high load, in other words - when many users accessing it.
  • Testing websites for cross-browsers compatibility
  • Testing user’s interface which consists of next blocks:
    • Mapping fonts testing
    • Revision of graphics
    • Hyperlinks check
    • Review of descriptions, contents, features and meta-tags for each page
    • Grammar check of content
  • Testing can be both manual and automated.

    If any issues or bugs was found, product need to be reworked by front and back and developers.QA testers need to be very attentive to details and didn’t miss any bugs or discrepancy.

    Guarantee of our reputation is a high-quality website done and the bugs testing is a final stage of developing process. That’s why our test engineers done their job not just well but pedantically.