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About us

Nakitel is an international company operating in the field of information technology. The company specializes in analytics, development, design and software support. The key activity of the company is development and implementation of software and hardware for information security. There are Nakitel representative offices in Ukraine, Russia and Germany. The head of Nakitel is Yuriy Marchenko, he is also the CEO and ideological inspirer of the company. Given 10 years of experience in the field of IT Nakitel is ready to implement projects of any complexity. Each division of the company is responsible for different specific area.
Nakitel Crypto division is working on software and hardware for data protection for more than 10 years. Data safety and security directly affects the well-being of any company. New risks appear every year. They can be avoided only through an integrated approach to the protection system. Nakitel has great experience in the field of data protection, and develops complete software data protection, as well as the hardware-based means of protection.
Сompany is actively engaged in research activities in the field of data protection. Nakitel Lab specializes in analytical and practical information security researches. In modern conditions, apart from the well-known threats, there also appear the new ones. That’s why continuous improvement in the protection and development of new effective tools is our key objective.
Nakitel Media division specializes in analytics, promotion and marketing in IT. Each project has a unique development strategy, created by our specialists. Thanks to comprehensive study of the facts, processes, phenomena and events, company designs and carries out a complete marketing promotion campaign. One of the most effective ways of promotion is social media promotion, which is provided by our department experts.
Nakitel Design is a professional design studio, which is engaged in the creation of unique designs for different purposes. Thanks to the experience and creative approach, every project is an artwork for Nakitel Design specialists. Design of each project is developed from scratch, taking into account all the demands and wishes of the customer, which allows to create a unique and creative product.
Nakitel Host specializes in software maintenance after commissioning the product. Nakitel provides support including optimization and improvement of the product. Given the high level of professionalism and impressive experience, Nakitel Host Team successfully provides all services concerning the support and maintenance of software.
We believe that a world dims without good deeds and human helpfulness. Nakitel Foundation was established as a charitable foundation which goal is to support some categories of people in the interest of society. In particular, the Foundation provides material and financial support to orphanages and boarding schools, as well as people who have got into trouble. We strive to do good deeds, and involve other people to join us.
Director: Iurii Marchenko
Director: Marina Vox
Director: Alina Pushkina Phone: +380 (67) 122 99 44
Director: Sergiy Savenets Phone: +380 (44) 394 99 44
E-mail: info@nakitel.com
Director: Marina Vox
Director: Alina Pushkina Phone: +380 (44) 394 99 82
E-mail: info@nakitel-help.com